The Messy Marriage of Joanna and Robert Hebbard Further Considered

A few weeks ago I featured two advertisements that revealed some of the domestic squabbles in the Hebbard household, first a runaway wife notice from Robert Hebbard warning others against “trusting, trading or dealing with” his wife, Joanna, and the other, published a week later, a rejoinder from Aaron Cleaveland testifying to Joanna’s character and excoriating her husband.  Certainly these advertisements did not tell the Hebbards’ entire story.

Jan 17 - 1:17:1766 New-London Gazette
New-London Gazette (January 17, 1766).

J.L. Bell has investigated the lives and times of Robert and Joanna Hebbard in greater detail over the course of the past three days at Boston 1775.  I promised to keep my eyes open for further advertisements from or about the Hebbards, but I have not yet turned up any.  Bell, however, has used a variety of other sources to flesh out the lives and relationships of members of the Hebbard and Cleaveland families.  Follow these links to learn more about Joanna Hebbard and her travails in eighteenth-century America.

Part 1.  “Joanna Hebbard, hath for some time past Eloped from Me

Part 2.  “To make a just return to his injurious Advertisement

Part 3.  “Joanna Cleveland’s ‘Leap in the Dark’

Jan 24 - 1:24:1766 New-London Gazette
New-London Gazette (January 24, 1766).

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