Welcome, Guest Curator Katie Galvin

Katie Galvin is a senior at Assumption University in Worcester, Massachusetts, where she is majoring in History and minoring in English Literature. Living north of Boston, she developed a love for U.S. history, especially the American Revolution and the framing of the government. Some day she would love to work in Boston or Washington, D.C. Katie served as an intern at the American Independence Museum in Exeter, New Hampshire, during the summer of 2021.  She is currently participating in the American Studies Seminar at the American Antiquarian Society, exploring “A Second and More Glorious Revolution:  Protest and Radical Thought in the Nineteenth-Century United States.” Katie is active in Campus Ministry, Merely Players, and Club/Intramural Soccer.  She made her contributions to the Adverts 250 Project and the Slavery Adverts 250 Project while enrolled in HIS 400 Research Methods: Vast Early America in Spring 2020.

Welcome, guest curator Katie Galvin!

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