Welcome, Guest Curator Garrett Cardoza

Garrett Cardoza is a senior pursuing a double major in History and Political Science at Assumption University. Originally from Somerset, Massachusetts, he is interested in political philosophy and the development of political theory over time. On campus, Garrett has served as a Senator and Committee Chair for the Student Government Association, an Orientation Leader and Student Program Executive, a sub-chair for the Campus Activities Board, ambassador for the Students Involved in Better Success Program, and member of the Model Senate Project sponsored by the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Center for Scholarship and Statesmanship.  He is currently the president of the Student Government Association.  He conducted the research for his contributions as guest curator for the Slavery Adverts 250 Project when he was enrolled in HIS 400 – Research Methods: Vast Early America in Spring 2020.

Welcome, guest curator Garrett Cardoza!

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