Welcome, Guest Curator Katherine Hammer

Katherine Hammer is a senior at Assumption University in Worcester, Massachusetts, but she is from New York originally. She is a double major in History and Secondary Education, actively teaching at schools in the Worcester school districts as part of her coursework. Her interests in history include wars that shaped the world, early colonization of America, and German history. Outside of the classroom, Katherine is a goalkeeper on the Assumption women’s soccer team and enjoys volunteering with her team at various shelters in Worcester. Back at home, she works with students with intellectual and emotional disabilities, teaching them different social skills along with providing them a safe and caring environment to go to school. In the future, Katherine hopes to have a classroom of her own and build students’ passions for history, just like her teachers and professors have done for her.  She conducted the research for her current contributions as guest curator for the Slavery Adverts 250 Project when she was enrolled in HIS 400 – Research Methods: Vast Early America in Spring 2020.

Welcome, guest curator Katherine Hammer.

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