Welcome, Guest Curator Charles Zambito

Charles Zambito is junior majoring in History and minoring in Political Science at Assumption University in Worcerster, Massachsuetts .He is from Norwood, Massachusetts, where he was born and raised. His historical interests include the nineteenth century and the Middle Ages, particularly in Western Europe, but he is always interested to expand his scope by studying other areas as well. He is also interested in studying the politics of Great Britain as well as America. As for extracurricular activities, Charles takes part in the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Model Senate project. He also takes part in the Advocates for Life club as well as taking part in the Republican Club as Chief of Staff. Charles conducted the research for his contributions as guest curator for the Slavery Adverts 250 Project when he was enrolled in HIS 400 – Research Methods: Vast Early America in Spring 2020.

Welcome, guest curator Charles Zambito!

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